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About Our Work






Annette Hemera, Skrivanek (September, 2007)


"The level of service Matt keeps providing is always
above standards both regarding quality and his
willingness to solve problems and find solutions.
Glossy websites by international and well-known
companies are full of nice promises but very often
when it comes to tight deadlines or really complicated
situations those promises are often forgotten and one
finds oneself in the middle of crisis and without any
hope for help.

Matt only promises what he is sure he will be able to
keep and he has never put me down even in extremely
difficult situations. His friendly and very positive
approach has saved many of my projects. He will always
be on the top of my list when it comes to assigning an
important project to a trustworthy and loyal language
service provider."




Pierre Leonard  (December, 2005)

"Virtual Words has been working with Matt since 2001. I am pleased to say that not only Matt never missed a deadline, but also that his work got excellent reviews from our QC teams and was never refused by a client. Comprehensive Books Translation Services is definitely a company you can rely for reliable and accurate work."





Nora Vlaszof  (December, 2005)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Sundakov owner of Comprehensive Book Translation Services on a translation project under a very strict time schedule. Matt personally handled the communication of the project's progress until completion. I was treated in the utmost professional manner. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs professional translation work done”





Tea Dietterich  (December, 2005)


“Matt Sundakov, owner of Comprehensive Book Translation Services, has been one of our suppliers of translation services and delivered professional and high quality services within the specified timeframe. We enjoy dealing with Matt and would use him and his services any time again when the opportunity come up.”






----- Original Message -----

From: Aviva Doron

To: 'Matt Sundakov - Comprehensive Book Translation Services'

Cc: ; Evelind

Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 3:17 AM

Subject: RE: Gentle reminder


Dear Matt,


we do have such a fruitful cooperation. I never forget your help in difficult times and I admire the way you manage your company. You are a model for me.





----- Original Message -----

From: Aviva Doron

To: 'Matt Sundakov - Comprehensive Book Translation Services'


Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 10:04 PM

Subject: RE: Urgent translation from German to English


Dear Matt,


Thanks so much for your generosity.


I want you to know that both and myself see you as a model for imitation of how this kind of business should be run:

  • Your prompt reply
  • Detailed offer so as not to leave any space for "grey" sections
  • Superb service. Never late, only ahead of time
  • Quality translation


I would be happy to formulate a letter for you to insert in your Website.


{Aviva Doron, General  Manager (Inter Office – Israel)}






To: 'Matt Sundakov'

Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 2:49 AM

Subject: RE: Potential scientific job - EN>FR


“Dear Matt,


in case you're still awake,  please be informed that the proofreader found the test immaculate, i.e. no mistakes made.

Congrats to your translator and please notify him/her that we've given the final go ahead for this job.”


{ Zoltán Ráskó, Project Manager & Language Leader (Skrivanek, Budapest-Hungary) }




“Dear Matt,


Fortunately we keep getting more and more occupied and I am positive that will ask for your help again very soon!


For your information we have won the English-Croatian translation of Suzuki manuals as well, and this is for sure the result of your contribution and hard work performed in this project! “


{Annette Hemera, Managing Director (Skrivanek, Budapest-Hungary).   April 3, 2004}




"Good Morning Matt, Our native Spanish staff member (born and raised in Colombia; a Cornell graduate) has reviewed your editor's Spanish translation of the Food Safety Temperatures text and advises that it meets our standards for publication. Please thank your editor for her fine effort. I will be back in touch with you later once we've concluded our agenda and plans for production of Spanish-language translations of some of our textbooks and other materials." (Bruce R. Anderson, Editor, Food Industry Management)




"Hi Matt! Yes, you are my favourite translator by far! ...Your work is of the HIGHEST level, and I always feel SO confident that you even catch client errors, and things that they overlook. That makes us both look very very good. Thx for that.”  (Monroe, Merlin Group)




"Matt, I have to express my gratitude for following up on each and every job that we are involved with. If all of my translators and translating groups paid such close attention to my needs, I would be able to spend more time marketing, and less time double-checking work.” (Monroe, Merlin Group)




“Dear Matt,


Thank you for your wonderful work.

Of course I will be happy to work with you in the future on other projects since this has been a wonderful collaboration and we are all happy about your work and appreciating your efforts.”

(Magali Ricard, Project Manager,  Navix Europe Ltd, UK - referring to our English > Danish technical translation)





I am impressed with such a detailed and so well presented documentation! I can safely say, Matt, that you raise the standards in the freelance-agency business communications.”

(Alekos Psimikakis, Greek Translator)




About Our Website


"Hallo Matt, after sending you my mail today containing my updated CV, I had a look at your site. May I congratulate you for it? Apart from the drawings which are rather impressive and meaningful, I agree with your idea of offering writers the chance of having their books translated. Laura Fenati, English-German>Italian"



"Dear Mr Sundakov,
You've really got a good idea! I visited your website and totally agree with you on the purpose of translating books. I am a professional Chinese/ English/ German translator and would like to take part in your translation projects.

Yours sincerely, Li Xuemei(Julia)"



"I am very enthused about your ethical standards, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Esther Damsteeg" (English-Dutch translator)



"Dear Matt,
Your new project looks very exciting and I would like to offer my services as a Turkish to (British) English translator.
Tim Drayton"



"Dear Sir,
I just visited your website, and I liked very much what I found! Your "translation philosophy" confirms what I always had thought should be held in respect not only by the translator, but also by the - sometimes very demanding - customer!...

yours sincerely, Jurgen Seitz" (English- German translator)"



"Dear Matt;
What you do is really interesting! I would like to work for you as a translator. Please give me a chance! As I have worked as a teacher for fifteen years I think I could do a good job. Could you please test my work? It would be wonderful for me. I live in Argentina.
María Teresa Esponda"



"...I did read your web page and found it very interesting, and very amusing too! Looking forward to the chance of working with you,

Regards, María T. Vargas"



"Dear Matt,
I wholeheartedly agree with your aim of disseminating knowledge - this is something sorely needed everywhere...
Sincerely Yours,
Erzsebet Fejes" (English-Hungarian translator)



"Dear Mr. Sundakov, after viewing your excellent web site and reading through the philosophy section I should like my CV to become "part of the great response" you have already had." (Heidi Höfele-Rymer, Germany)"



"My name is Krista Maxwell, and I am a freelance translator from Russian to English. I am writing to ask if you would include me in your company's database of translators. The work that you are doing sounds absolutely fascinating!"



"Congratulations on your very attractive website. I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy and your accent on books as a continuing means of valid communication in the electronic age is a good one in my view. [Don Var Green, translator - France]"



"Especially I liked what I found on your homepage, because I really very much like & appreciate the philosophy you and your company stand for; I really like the direct way you're telling potential clients what they'll get and, esp., what they can't expect and what would not be welcomed (I can only sign that), and I am very fond of the way you look at authors and their "right to be heard" or to be recognized in all languages… I just wanted to say "thanks" once again, to tell you, that I like your ideas and philosophy very much and that I very much appreciate, that you took the time to answer me in such a nice way, despite of the fact, that you've got plenty of things to do being busy…[Britta Greier-Greiner, translator - Austria]"



"I have taken a look at your website. First of all, may I say that I was quite impressed by it's content - It was really a pleasure to read! By the way, your English is excellent! My parents, who have been living and working in the US for 20 years now, still make mistakes using articles and things like that... bravo on your English!! (Oksana MILMEYSTER, France)


"I found your site really great : congratulations! Françoise Wirth, French translator"



" Thank you so much for sending me your InfoHumor newsletter. What a pleasure it is to read!!! Oksana MILMEYSTER, France"





About CBTS Director


"Dear Matt, Thank you for your quick reply, and now I understand. You are very helpful and I am very grateful to you. Thanks again.”  (Masako Akinaga, Japan)




"Mr. Sundakov First of all, I really appreciate the CV that you had proofread. That CV has made very deep impression on some of my clients and I had some chances to prove the promise. It would be impossible to have such chances without your kindness. Thank you again. ;-) And I also hope you will continue your success in this business. :-) “

Kind regards, From Tae-Jung Park (Korea)




"Matt, Thank you VERY much for having spent your time to give me such detailed answer! It sure is rather helpful for me. Even though I have been a translator for a long time, never before had I been through the publishing business. I've always done jobs for companies and individuals (mostly technical material), which have never required publishing. So, you can understand my worries with the first time ever... Thanks again! You were very kind to have answered so quick and so efficiently!

Regards, Alex Magno (Brazil)"




"Dear Matt, Thank you for your warm words. You can feel good, you have helped me. Sometimes, advice like that can make big changes. I plan to change my resume now and only then keep sending it "out there"... "You remind me of a king from "The Alchemist" (the book written by Paulo Koelho) who comes and helps a person who needs it and then goes away."

(Biljana Knezevic, Serbian translator)




"Dear Matt, Thank you very much for your kind answer. There is something different about the way you handle things. Your site looks different, your ad. sounded different and so did your answer to my application. I like it very much and hope we will be able to cooperate some day ! Meanwhile. I wish you all the best”   F. Wirth (French translator)





To Matt

Thank you very much for your kind assistance with helping me develop an understanding of the Russian language and culture.  It helped me to settle quickly into my language training here which has been very intensive.  I have 4 months of it before I commence my job in the Embassy and I am making steady progress.  Having an opportunity to focus exclusively on the language is of course, very conducive to my learning.

Thanks again and best regards.  Dasvedanya.  





"Dear Matt, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I really enjoyed working with you, and that I hope we can be of service to each other in the future. I would also like to thank you for such a speedy payment delivery. Kind Regards, David Cabrita" (Brazilian translator)




“I came to know you as a very committed, reliable and yet very kind organizer & project manager, and I am more than sure that translators as well as the  clients enjoy cooperation with you very much, because you always try not only to meet, but to exceed the customer's needs & requests, whereas you also support your translators in any way requested.”

(Britta Greier-Greiner, German translator – Austria)



Dear Matt,

Thank you for your message.

Let me say it's a pleasure to work for somebody who makes impression on you because of a great humanity or sympathy, who appreciates what you do and -  who pays on time. That does not work too well, in Europe, and you often have to quarrel about it.” (Ulla Lundquist, Swedish translator)




“Dear Matt,


I am glad to receive this payment; especially because I know how much effort you made to solve the problem. I really appreciate your hard work and consistency.  I wish you good luck in your business!


Thanks and best regards”

(Akemi Purtell, Japanese Translator)




“Dear Matt,

Thank you very much for the quick payment.  I am happy to receive the money and happy to assume that this finally ends that troublesome project.  I hope you can put it in a history box (deep inside, maybe) and lock up the box tight!

I appreciate your hard work and patience you had put onto the project over months.  I am wishing you a bright future and looking forward to working for your office again.


Kaoru”  (Kaoru Furukoshi, Japanese translator)





Dear Matt,

Thank you for your e-mail.  You must have been totally exhausted both mentally and physically.  However you have made through the difficult task.

I am happy with your final settlement.  As I have always thought, you are a man of fairness, respect, and honour.  There are very few of you around in the world…”  

(Michio Kimura, Japanese translator)






Last Updated:   12 November 2007


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