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I personally offer full TEP service translating from most modern languages into my two native languages: English and Russian for 0.06 EUR per source word with a guaranteed minimum output of 10,000 words a week (1,500 words a day) and with a minimum fee of 30 EUR for short texts - less than 500 words. Whereby, I cover most of the subjects, except highly specialized texts in engineering, technical sciences, architecture and agriculture fields. 

However as a Company, we cover almost any language combination and any subject, and of course our daily output could be much higher. Terms and conditions for any specific project where I need help of my team are determined separately in each particular case.  


Note for Translators:
Please kindly note that at this stage (and until further notice) we are not looking for new translators.




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Creative Writing:

1. In English - a book titled "Travel Through Life", which is published as eBook by Ex-L-Ence Publishing (UK). The main value of this book consists in providing, through my eyes, a vivid picture of the life of my generation and doing this in an informative, easy to read, and entertaining way.

You can read more detailed synopsis of this book and obtain it for your personal use from any of the following local Amazon websites:























2. In Russian - Second Life of Eugene Onegin (novella in verses)


3. Bilingual - Enjoy Your Russian



Welcome to

Comprehensive Book Translation Services –

The company which successfully combines business and humanity


"Everything which is good in me should be credited to books" (Maxim Gorki, Russian writer)

I always believed that it is possible to combine business and humanity and I have always acted in accordance with this belief.  If I achieved any noticeable success in the business of translation, then I can say that it happened not only because of my hard work and very long hours spent in front of my computer, but also because I really enjoy what I am doing.

My greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that while doing my job, I continue to expand my circle of friends all over the world, because I treat both my clients and translators alike as personal friends.  I am not afraid to go the extra mile to help them - on the contrary, I sincerely enjoy when I am able to do this.  For this reason, I try to respond to their emails as soon as I can: quite often this happens literally within minutes; and not only I respond – I help and support them as much as I can.


My clients are happy that I respond so fast and help them in arranging and delivering the highest quality translation work.  They know that more often than not I am ready to work through the night, if it is necessary to ensure the high quality and timely delivery. 


My translators are happy that I am loyal to them as much as they are loyal to me; that I will always offer them a new job first; and that I advertise for other translators only if they are not available or a deadline is too tight.  If I do this from time to time, then it is usually an exception rather than a rule; and I do this not to find the cheapest translator but to select the most suitable person for a specific project.  And then I might include that translator on my team for future cooperation on a regular basis.


My translators are also happy that I always try to support them, to help solve their problems, and to do this quickly, efficiently, and in a friendly way.  They are happy to work with me also because they never have any problems with payment.  Not only do they know that they will be paid for their work, but they know that it will be done exceptionally fast.  In many cases, they are paid on the same day that they complete their assignment - often within the same hour.


Indeed, I believe this is how it should be done by all clients.  If the translator has done a good job, he or she must be rewarded - and rewarded sooner rather than later.  In most cases, their direct client does not need to wait until he/she will be paid by their own client.  If the clients are good and efficient in their work, they will almost always have a good cash flow which can be used for the immediate payment to their translators, who should not be concerned when their client is going to be paid himself.  The translator has an agreement with a specific client and not with the client of his client, and his direct client should be a good employer, regardless of how good or bad his own employer is.


The moral of everything I said above is simple: treat others as you would like to be treated.  If you wish to succeed in life and feel happy, be good to other people, try to help them - then and only then they will be good to you and help you when you need their help.  It does not matter in what area you work, but whatever you do – do it wholeheartedly or do not do it at all.  This attitude will help you succeed in your business and, even more importantly, will bring you tremendous personal satisfaction. 


Warranty and Disclaimer

Comprehensive Book Translation Services takes the greatest care to ensure the accuracy of all its translations, which as a rule do not require any further editing or proofreading.  However, if in exceptional cases some errors and/or omissions were overlooked by us, our liability shall be restricted to correcting free of charge the work we have performed for the client, and in no case shall it exceed the total value of the work performed.  In no circumstances whatsoever, do we accept any liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. 


Formal Address by the Company Director:

It appears that every small business owner is preoccupied nowadays with two major problems:
1) How to increase their traffic; and
2) How to increase the amount of sales.

There are many good ideas and plenty of great software to use; however, it seems that not many people give serious thought on other ways to significantly expand their market.

Everybody understands that thanks to the Internet we are now doing business on a global scale.  However, many business people do not take into account that not everyone in the world is able to communicate in English - especially on a good professional level.  The result is that there are millions (if not billions) of potentially lost customers.  This is where we can really help you expand your market tremendously, by translating your books, websites, manuals, promotional materials, and any other kind of written document.  Our company has the skills and resources to provide you with high quality professional translations on any subject, and practically from and to any language in the modern world.

We are genuine book lovers; therefore, first and foremost (but not exclusively), we concentrate our efforts on translating books. Hence, the name of our company:

Comprehensive Book Translation Services

 Our services are aimed first and foremost (but again, not exclusively!) at writers, publishers, and small business owners/webmasters.

We have a number of very reliable and responsible translators in any language pair you may require. Thus, we can select the best translator, who is most suitable for working on any particular project in question.

Talking about quality, I must say that all our translators share the attitude so well expressed in one of their letters to me: "I enjoy taking the necessary time to search for the appropriate sentence, the suitable expression, and the exact tone to recreate the experience in the reader's mind so that the reader is not even aware that the story has been translated from another language."

At the same time, our prices are fair, negotiable, and depend on the language pair as well as the size and complexity of the text. Please note that we are open to negotiations when it comes to the question of cost and schedule; but we would never compromise the high quality of our work combined with on time delivery.  In addition, I can assure you that, apart from the high quality of the translation, our company will always provide very friendly, personalized, and supportive service.

In addition to translations, we also offer to do Research and Writing practically in any field, but only in 2 languages: English and Russian.  Fee for this service is negotiable and based on the minimum number of hours required to complete the task.


Our light-hearted vision of success

To be successful, keep up a high self-esteem

and ...

always choose the right friends


What we are not:

Our company is unique in its approach and scope. It is unique because we do not offer services which have already been offered by many other companies:

  • We do not offer interpreting
  • We do not offer book design and/or publishing services

And we do not claim that we are the best, though it would be no exaggeration to say that many clients and translators around the world hold us in very high regard.

What we are:

We are a large team of highly qualified, experienced, and capable freelance translators who together can produce the highest quality translation of books, websites, or any other documents - covering almost any language pair and any subject.  In addition, we can help you with writing a letter, resume, short story, or even a poem in a language of your choice.


Our mission:

To promote books and websites of high standard around the globe: to educate and entertain people regardless of their language, to give them knowledge and enjoyment; to make them think rather than just consume; to make them be able to share the joy and sadness of the author; to understand the beauty of the world; to resist anything that humiliates and degrades people; and to feel the pain of other people and have a desire to help them.

To help authors find the recognition (and financial reward!) they deserve - which should not be limited to their own country or a local market only.  The world has shrunk.  Thanks to the incredible development of information technology, people can now appreciate other cultures and each other’s achievements in any sphere of life more easily.  Exchange of information and ideas in any field (be it business or arts, work or pleasure) is now happening instantaneously - regardless of geographic location.

To help an individual author or a publisher find a suitable translator quickly for their project - through a one-stop company that is profoundly focused on translating books and websites from/to any language on almost any subject.

To help professional translators obtain interesting and satisfying work .


Our requirements for books accepted for translation:

Professionally written in any official language existing in the world (already published or suitable for publishing)

Professionally presented in a printed form and/or as a Microsoft Word File

Approved for translation by a copyright holder

Free of obscene, obnoxious, or pornographic material



The following books will not be accepted by our company for translation:

    • Books inciting ethnic or racial hatred
    • Books defending/supporting discrimination based on age, gender, religion, sexual preference (or violating any other basic human rights)
    • Books teaching and/or encouraging people to commit criminal or antisocial acts
    • Books teaching and/or encouraging people to commit suicide
    • Books inciting war, terrorism, or violence
    • Books that insult, illegally misinform, or are aimed at destroying or damaging life and/or property
    • Books of a bad taste and unprofessionally written books


Our philosophy of translation:


We believe that, first of all, the translation should be very accurate in terms of contents, terminology, meaning, and style of each and every sentence of the original text.  However, this is not enough.  The translator should have a very good "feel" for the target language (practically, only a native speaker can achieve this).  The translator should also have a good understanding/ knowledge of the subject he/she is dealing with; and, last but not least, the translator should be a Good Writer.

Only a combination of all these skills, shown by the translator, can make readers believe that they are enjoying a good book written in (but not translated into) their own language.  It is what we can call a really good, successful translation; and it is what readers can expect from us.

How to contact us:


Please contact me directly:

Matt Sundakov, 

Melbourne, Australia

  Emails: matt.sundakov@gmail.com  and  matt@bookwebtranslation.com

 (to make sure that I receive all your emails, please always send your messages to both addresses)

Send SMS to my Cell phone:  (+61) 408 124 498             OR       Contact me on Skype:  matt.sundakov    

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Our Copy Rights

All rights reserved. No part of this website may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission received from Matt Sundakov (creator, owner, and director of the company and its website) -  except brief quotations with reference to CBTS .



Thank you for visiting.

We hope to see you again soon!


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